ERROR(SCR.PRS11): '(' unexpected

I am Daekyoo Kim and I am working on a master’s degree in TWU biomechanics.
I got a C3D file (squat motion) as I have measured in the laboratory by means of VICON motion capture system. Afterward I executed to load the C3D file using the “GaitLowerExtremity” model. But, there was an error showing ‘(‘ unexpected. I am wondering how I can solve this problem.
Closing model…
Deleting last loaded model…
…Model deleted.
Loading Main : “C:\Users\dkim1.PIONEER.001\Documents\AMMRV1.5\AMMRV1.5\Application\Examples\Squat\GaitLowerExtremity.main.any”
ERROR(SCR.PRS11) : C:/U…s/d…1/D…s/A…5/A…5/A…n/E…s/S…t/EnvironmentAutoDetection.any : ‘(’ unexpected
Model loading skipped

I have attached a folder containing the C3D file and GaitLowerExtremity model. Please check it out.


please have a look here:

For AMMR 1.5:

For AMMR 1.6:

probably you have a different type of force plates.

I have checked the type of the forceplate used. It was “type 2” so I do not know where this error is coming from.

I am looking forward to seeing your response.

Thank you!

I am sorry to bother you. It was a small mistake. But, I am in trouble in connection with the other problems. Before I put questions to you, I will ask myself what the problem is.