having Difficulty to get ADPL file

Hello Sir I am getting big trouble creating adpl file and i already got xml file but is getting difficult to get ADPL file here are some issues related to it.

  1. After I downloaded Any2FEA.exe file and saved in model folder of sit-up file and If i open the file it is showing there is no license even though i had saved anybody license file in that same Any2Fea folder.
  2. And after adding AnyoperationshellExec file and when I am loading it it is giving me this error ERROR(OBJ.FILE1) : C:/U…s/t…k/D…p/A…3/AMMR/A…n/E…s/S…l/SitUpModel.Main.any(81) : FE_out.FileName : Problem with file : C:\Users amuk\Desktop\AMMRV1.6.3\AMMR\Application\Examples\SitUpModel\files_in\ForceL5.xml .

I am providing a zip file

I kindly Request you to Please have a look over this file