hide in model view


the possibility to hide objects is helpful when inspecting just a portion of a model. Is there a way to save the process of hiding several objects, like a macro?

Thanks, Thom

Hi Thomas

Right now this is not possible, but we are discussing ways to do this, so some feedback on this would be very much appriciated.

One idea we have is to create draw layers where the user can define for example a muscle collection and do operation like hide/show on this entire collection.

These collections would ofcourse be defined through the script.

Would this kind of setup be helpfull? or do you have other ideas?

Best regards

Hi Søren,

creating a folder within the script containing all entities that should be made visible or invisible should be possible already. Aren’t i correct?
The thing is, that defining it in the script is exactly what makes it unhandy. If it was possible to define sets or folders by selecting them in the GUI, that would be perfect (but a big task to program, i think)



Hi Thomas

You are right it is possible today to create a number of objects in a folder and by clicking on this folder in the modeltree you can hide/show the entire content of this folder.

The layers I was mentioning is a not exactly this, the idea would be that you could define a number of muscles to watch but you would not need to rearrange the folder structure to do this, you would just point at the objects which should be part of this layer.

Now i understand that what you are looking for is a way to do this selection through the GUI and then save/record it. As you say it is a larger task, and there are problems like what to do if objects are removed from the model, but still appearing in the marco. I will bring it up next time we plan GUI developments.

Thanks a lot for the input!

Best regards


I created kinda “control panel” for my model. like the bodyparts setup I can now easily switch (display) off/on muscles, bones, anysurfs,…