How can I attach human to seat

I wonder to know when I import a seat model from solidworks, how can I define the centroid position and attach it to the human lumbar.

Dear Wenhao,

I think it is hard to answer since we cannot see how the geometry looks like. But please have a look at the Seated Human example in our repository to see how it is modeled, which may help to define modeling entities in your case. This model also has mechanisms for interaction of the human body with the environment.


I want to creat a driver model with seat. But after I insert a seat into model, how I determine the center of mass of the seat? Is it set in solidworks? Second, Why the Solidworks2012(*64) showed me that the license is not validable? I am the student license, Hoe can I get the correct license.


  1. If you want to know the center of the mass of your seat model, then you can just create an AnyKinCoM class instance.

  2. If you want to use the SolidWorks2AnyBody translator then you should have a valid license for it. Please ask to your supervisor whether he (or she) had bought also the license for it.

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