How can I save Marker position data generated from Gait model ?

Dear Sir/Madam

I run GaitFullBody.main.any with my C3D data and want use markers position which generated from human model because I need clean data whithout noise.

Could you let me know how can I read and save markers’ position data generated from human model?

Thank you.

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  1. In GaitFullBody example, you can see how the markers are define in the ‘ModelSetup.any’ file.
    Also you can refer ‘CreateMarkerClassTD.any’ file which contains the class template.

  2. All the markers attached to human are located in each human segment.
    For instance, there are some markers in human pelvis segment such as:

So you should find all the locations of markers individually through all segments in human model.

  1. Actually, these markers are in form of ‘AnyRefNode’ class.
    If you see ‘r’ value of this AnyRefNode object, then it means the global position of this marker with respect to time.

  2. In AnyScript, you can save any values by using ‘AnyOutputFile’ class.
    I would suggest you to see the description of this class in the reference manual.
    Also, you can see how you should this AnyOutputFile class in the ‘JointAngleOutputs.any’ file in the GaitFullBody example.

I hope this may helpful to you.

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