how seated human can stand without environments that attached to him

Hi ,

I want to model the person who doing sit to stand action.i use the seated human in repository but i want that when he seated , the back rest or seat pad made reaction force to him and fixed him to chair but when he was rising up this attachments did not come with him and leave him alone .
please help me :frowning:


Hi soheil,

This is already the case. The force support of the chair is made with conditional contact. It means that if the body is within a certain range (range is user defined) of the support element the reaction force is active and if the body is outside that range the reaction force is inactive.

Have a look in the files SeatSupport, BackSupport etc, for each contact point there is a trigger volume defined by upper limit, lower limit and radius. If the point is inside this volume the force is active. You can change freely this volume if it does not fit your simulation.

Best regards, Sylvain.