How to load the L4L5.any segments in Anybody?

I am a newbie here and I’m currently using AnyBody for trial version.
I really confuse how to load the .any file and try to search its main file first. However I couldn’t find it.

Anyhow, I also want to ask if the trial model loaded can be save into different formats especially to be analysed in ANSYS later.

Anyone please need help! :confused::frowning:


I would recommend to set some goals you would like to figure out using the trial version. It sounds that you are interested in some analysis using the spine model. In that case I would recommend to 1. start reading the tutorials about the basics of AMS and 2. look at a specific spine application using the spine, e.g. SpineFixationWithForceDepKinematics. You can load the model by loading the .main.any file. In general, you need a Main folder in the model, which you don’t have when you try to only load L4L5.any file.

For the output of data to an FE program, you should have a look at the FEA tutorial.

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