How to measure Force

Good day to all the AnyScript coders,
first of all I would like to say I’m new to AnyBody so My questions may seam simple for that I’m sorry.

I’m trying to evaluate the effects of biological stabilization of spine by implants. I’ve seen the video presentation of some already made simulations.

I’ve selected the Human standing model. I created a segment representing the implant and loaded the stl model. I’m interested in lumbar spine level.

What i plan do today is create nodes in level L5-S1 and connect the Implant nodes.

What should I use for connection to evaluate the change in biomechanical behaviour with and without implant?

Is My approach correct?

Will the force aimed down attached to Hands pass/influence the spine?

Dear Pawel,

Welcome to the forum and the AnyBody community.

Please have a look at the SpineFixationWithForceDepKinematics example in the repository. It does almost what you need and might be a better example to start with. Try to figure what is happening in this example. Let us know if you have any questions.