How to save initial position changed by Widget in GaitLowerExtremityProject


The project example used in your previous webcast Streamlining gait analysis with the AnyBody Modeling System v.5 (Soeren Toerholm, 26. January, 2011) is not available. In your GaitLowerExtremityProject, there is no such a task SaveWidgetValues as in your webcast, how to save the position changed by widget? Yes, the skeleton model position jumps to the correct marker positions in Load_Motion_And_Param_Opt_Model task, but that is predefined by you, but what I changed by widget. I will use my c3d file, how to make the initial position of skeleton close to the markers.

Thank you very much.


This is correct the model has not been released yet, it will be released together with the forthcoming Ver. 5.0.1 of AMS, since it makes use of some functionality present in this version.

In general widget values can always be saved in the following way:

1 open model tree
2 right click on main folder
3 select save values…

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