How to save Parameter Identification results

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I have a very simple question, but I probably missed the solution in the wiki support. How can I automatically save the results of Parameter Identification?
In particular, I'm scaling the human model with stereo data, and I want to save the bones' scaled lengths and use them as input for other analyses with bvh data.

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Finally, I found the "SaveParameter" section in the RunParameterIdentification study, and I was able to save the .anyset with the length specifications.
So, my question now is:

How can I automatically run the saving function routine after the identification study?

Hi @GiuliAva

You can define a sequence of operations by using the AnyOperationSequence class.

It could be something like:

AnyOperationSequence RunAndSave = {
  AnyOperation& run = Path.To.Run.Operation;
  AnyOperation& save = Path.To.Save.Operation;

Then you just run the RunAndSaveoperation.

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Thank you very much @Bjorn

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