How to Scale the MandibleChewingAndClenching Model

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 In the  MandibleChewingAndClenching Model ,I want to scale the model But i don't Know How to deal with it .
In the AnySeg Skull ,I find all the Nodes were built with the function ScaleFunction  which defined in the GeometricalScaling AnyFolder .

AnyFolder Skull={
AnyFunTransform3DIdentity ScaleFunction ={};
I study the AnyFunTransform3DIdentity Function in the AnyScript Reference Manual ,but can’t find how to fix this problem .

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the model is using a scaling law defined in the AUHuman body. Since this is the only predefined scaling law in this body folder, I would suggest to make a copy of this file and modify the scaling law to fit it to your wishes.
Therefor, you probably have to replace the AnyFunTransform3DIdentity class (as the name indicates, this transformation is exactly doing nothing) by another transformation, e.g. AnyFunTransform3DLin for a linear transformation of the geometry. The only thing you have to keep is the name ScaleFunction unless you want to change this in the whole model.

For inspiration on how to create your scaling law you could have a look in the class example of the AnyFunTransform3D class example in the reference manual, the tutorial about scaling or the scaling laws implemented in the AAUHuman body folder.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much ,I solve the problem

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