How to simulation using C3D


I am Anybody4.1 Gaitfullbody C3d file using the example I want to create action.

  1. Anybody and C3D file coordinate system a different. (Anybody up Y, c3d up Z)
    How to coordinate what is fit.

2.what is the location to match a Model and c3d file marker position.

I’m anybody know a little.
so, I want described in detail, please.


When you run the optimization the body should align itself automaticaly with the markers used to drive it. It can fail because the initial position is not good enough, in that case you can manually align the body with the markers using the Mannequin file.

The other parameters of the model can be modified in the files ModelSetup and TrialSpecific.

I hope that answers your question.
Best regards, Sylvain.

Thank you Sylvain Carbes.

I have more question

  1. How to automatically fit, c3d file marker and human body approach marker location.
  2. the markers attached to the human model. what is standard? (Anybody4.1 GaitFullBody example)



Here are some answers to your questions (Assuming you are suing AMMR1.2)

1: In the TrialSpecificData.any adjust the variables found in the folder named
“InitialPositionOfBody” this will adjust the loading position of the human body. In this way you can adjust the angles and try to obtain a goo initial guess on the starting position. Please note that as soon the first kinematic step is solved the initial positions does not affect the model anymore, so they only serves as initial guess.

2: In the GaitLowerEctremity the marker protocol is plugingait with minor modifications in terms of extra foot markers. You can use any marker protocol you like as long it describes all dof in the model.

Best regards