human nervous system


I have basic question about model repository. Is this possible to show and use in modeling process the “representation” of human nervous system? Currently I’m working at some martial arts publication, and I would like to use the Anybody Modeling System to visualise the effects of various martial arts techniques on human body. In order to achieve this I need to include a model of the nervous system, for example to show the positions of vital points.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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Hi ?

It is possible to put the model into any position you may want.

To do this you need to drive the model using motion drivers, the drivers controls the angles in the joints.

If you have motion capture data this can be used to drive the model.
This is what has been done in this posting

To enable you to create such a model it will be a good idea to go through some of tutorials available in the help section of the software nd on the web.

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