I have questions about Unit

We have some questions.
First of all We are not good at writing English.
I hope you understand what we are saying.

In Wheelchair repository, If we wanna know that how much force work on the Arm , how we figure out?
When we see the Chart Fx, how Unit show up ?
when we see the chart just number is marked
there are no unit on the chart
force is Newton in Anybody?? or lb or something ?

we simulated wheelchair repository and we got results with chart
and we compared forces working on each muscles
Because we plan to summarize three kind of forces working on muscles

but range on the chart is too big
for example, The force working on rhomboideus is 10^15
The force working on triceps is 10^1
why the result comes out like that?
this result is too strange. can we trust this result?

We hope you recommend to us main muscles which are used in rolling wheelchair

you are right. There is no number on the Y axis of the chart. This happens because the values of the forces are too small in case of the rhomboideus muscle: ~10^{-15,-16} (not 10^{+15}). That means that there is no force in it.

However, as you correctly observed - the components of triceps act with a force of magnitude 10^{1-2} N (Newtons are the units in the plots of AMS, unless other measurement system is used), which looks like a valid magnitude.

You can display all muscles in the chartFX window by typing the following pattern in the Y field:
It will display all the muscle forces and their profiles acting in the right arm. Using this information you can decide which are the muscles of your interest.

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