Inequality kinematic constraint available


We can find in AnyScript manual that there are several inequality force constraints such as AnyForceConSimpleBound.

So, I’d like to ask of you whether there are inequality kinematic constraints.

Of course these inequality kinematic constraints may not determine the full kinematic information of the model so it should be used with other drivers.

But I think that inequality kinematic constraints may help to solve bifurcation problem that may happen in the inverse kinematics procedure.

I’d like to get your advice.

Best regards,

Hi Moonki,

This is not possible at the moment sorry. What comes closest is using the weightfunctions for this, but these can not be dependent on kinematics, so like a marker which may drop out and have residuals which shows this. In the case of the markers this info is already available at load time and then it works fine.
So this is not exactly what you need, it will require new functionally of the kinematic engine.

Best regards