kinematic analysis failed error in time step 0

when i am running my model after defining all the segment and joint it is giving me a error kinematic anlaysis failed in time step 0. i am sending the file as the attachment.
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The problem is that the steering wheel is not placed correctly. Try to load the model without connecting the arms to the steering wheel and you will se it. I think the sRel of the SteeringNode should be zero as you already define the position with the node Hub in the GlobalRef.
Even so the steering wheel is still a little out of reach, so you can move the Hub node a bit closer to the body.

Also you can consider to free the gh abduction instead of the sc axial rotation, in might give a more realistic posture.

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Hi Sylvaincarbes,
Thanks for you reply and help.
The suggestion given by you is implemented in the model. Now the problem is that the steering has also starting moving along with the model at different angle positions instead of rotating at a fixed point.
I wanted that the steering should rotate at a fix position while rotating the seat human assembly at to 5, 10, 15 degree angle.
The model is moving up to 20 degree. I just wanted to move the model up to 15 degree with an increment of 5 degree. How can I do that? Do I have to change any driver statement for that?


I think the axis of the revolute joint between the steering wheel and the global ref is not correct. You set z as axis, but if you draw the refframe you will see that z is going sideways, so the steering wheel is moving upwards.

I believe what you want is the steering wheel rotating along its own axis, therfore you should set the axis of rotation of the revolute joint properly. To do so you probably need to rotate the nodes with the ARel member.

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Hi Sylvain.

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Yes I want the steering wheel should rotate about its own axis.
How to rotate the nodes with ARel member.
I had define ARel for steering node and Hub node and done the following changes in the joint.
AnyRevoluteJoint SteeringHub = {
AnyRefNode &Hub = .GlobalRef.Hub;
AnyRefNode &SteeringNode = .Seg.Steering.SteeringNode;
Axis = { ARel };

I am getting the following error:
How to resolve this error.


The node orientation (ARel) has to be modified inside the node forlder and not in the joint.
You can have a look at the description of the ARel menber of the AnyRefNode in the reference manual for further information. Also look at the definition of the RotMat function in the reference manual, so you can use it like this:

ARel = RotMat(<angle>, <axis>);

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Hi Sylvain,
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I had define RotMat function in the hub node which is as follow:
[COLOR=black]ARel = RotMat(-20*pi/180,z);[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]Do I have to define the above function for hub node or steering node?[/COLOR]
Still steering is not rotating about its own axis.
Do I have to define angler velocity ( omega) for that.

you can define it in either of them.
To make things move you have to add a Driver to the Joint. Please have a look at the tutorials. A simple solution may look like this:

AnyKinEqSimpleDriver Wheeldriver={
AnyRevoluteJoint &SteeHub = .SteeringHub;
DriverPos= 0;
DriverVel = pi/180*40;

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