Lesson 1: Joint to Joint Scaling Methods

im aliff rahman

here i quoted from anybody tutorial

So to have a normal-looking model we have to adjust segment mass and length simultaneously. As the mass we defined is 110 kg, a height of 1.98 m could be reasonable. As we do not have a clear idea of the individual segment lengths, we shall simply multiply all of them by a single coefficient (it is also a good opportunity to use the AnyManUniform file and directly enter the 1.98 m height, you can try it). The initial segment lengths correspond to a body of 1.80 m, so the ratio we are going to multiply the segment length with is 1.1:

how actually I determine the ratio correspond with the weight and height??
is there any calculation??

Hi Aliff,

The quoted sentences from the tutorial showcase ONLY an example. In that example, it is tried to assume a mass and a height just to show how scaling works.

For an actual musculoskeletal simulation, it is assumed that you know the subject you’d like to run simulation based upon. Therefore, you need to provide its mass and height in the AnyMan.any file and add the following script line to your main file:
#path BM_SCALING_ANTHRO_FILE “Model\AnyFamily\AnyMan.any”.
This is just for so-called joint to joint scaling; there are other methods of scaling in AnyBody that you can read more about in the tutorial.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Mohammad S. Shourijeh, PhD
AnyBody Team

ok… thanks a lot