Measure angles between the "fixed" Global frame and a Ref frame


Is it possible to measure the rotation angles of a Ref frame relative to the fixed Global frame with AnyKinRotational.

In other words to measure the rotation about the fixed axes and not about local, mobile axes, as it’s defined by “RotAxesAngles”.

Which kind of AnyKinRotationalType should be used?

Thanks in advance


Yes it is. You can define a new AnyKinRotational measure and input the reference frame of your choice as input. If only one reference frame is given, the kinematic measure is measuring the angles wrt the global reference frame.
The type of AnyKinRotationalType depends on what you would like to have, weather you use Cardan angles, direction cosines or, if you prefer, Euler parameters. Please also have a look into the reference manual for the AnyKinRotational.

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