Missing code in Getting started with AnyScript™ Lesson 5 ?

Lesson 5: Definition of muscles and external forces:

Is this code missing?:

InverseDynamics.Criterion.Type = MR_MinMaxStrict;

Without the code there was an error, when I’ve tried to do the tutorial.
I compared my file with the demo.lesson6.any.

But then I removed the code and it worked nevertheless.


I cannot see this problem in my files - this line is present in demo.lesson5.any. What version of AMS are you using? Do you do the tutorials from the web or locally installed? Could it be that you deleted this line accidentally?

And many thanks for the message.


Sorry, that was a little bit imprecise.

I was doing the locally installed tutorial, but nowhere in the tutorial is explained, that this line should be added or why it should be added.

I only noticed it, because I compared my file and the demo.lesson6.any.


Hi Fritz,

Ok, sorry. Now I got it - it will be missing if you start working with the very first tutorial. I guess most of the users just start from the second one (where this line is present) since we have not heard about this problem before :slight_smile:

Thank you for noticing it - we will change the tutorial to account for that.


Yes, I’ve started from scratch.

Probably I will ask some more questions in the near future. :wink: