Model Warning

I’ve been trying to combine my SolidWorks model with the AnyBody human model when this message prompted:

"Model Warning: Study ‘Main.Study’ contains more reaction forces than rigid-body degrees of freedom of the segments. The model may be statically indeterminate. There are 614 reactions and only 612 rigid body degrees of freedom. "

I was wondering what does this actually mean and what suggestions do you have for me to resolve this problem.


That message means that there are more constraints than the DOFs(degrees of freedom) in your model.

This situation may happen when you put too many constraints in your model. Also if there are some redundant mates in your SolidWorks model then it may be also one reason.

If you want to get some specific help regarding your problem then we would recommend you to upload your model.

Of course it will be better for both you and us to make your model as simple as possible.

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