Moving Force Plates


I am using AnyBody to analyse normal gait and stair walking, both trials work fine. However the force plates in the stair walking trials stay in the floor location rather than relocating to the location in the stairs. I thought this information would be contained in the c3d file an be moved automatically? If not could you direct me to the file location where I am able to change the location of the force plates.

Regards David

Hi David,

where did you obtaid the c3d? You’ll have to make changes in the configuration of the motion capture software you are using. Another possibility is to manually change the corner data in the forceplatetypeX.any.



Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply, I captured the motion capture data myself. The force plates are positioned correctly for both walking and stairs in the motion capture software (vis 3d), just not in AnyBody. I will try the manual way and see if I am able to change them.

Thanks David