Moving through surfaces


I want to make the hand of my model to move over a table. The problem is that when it moves, the elbow goes through the table, which obviously a human will not be able to do.

Is it possible to restrain the movement so that during the whole movement the hand is above the table or mostly just touching it?



I’d like to make a suggestion for you.

I think that you’d better to refer to a tip on the AnyScript wiki:

It may be better for you to use a ‘point-on-plane’ constraint.

In your example, the plane should be the top of the table.
And the target point should be defined on the elbow as an AnyRefNode object.

And of course, it would be easier to regard this ‘point-on-plane’ constraint as a soft constraint at your initial trial.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,