Muscle force vektors in the "AnyGait"-Modell


I have some questions about the „AnyGait“-Modell.
In this model, the Mm. glutaei minimus and medius are splited into 3 parts.
How can I add the forces of this 3 muscle-parts together and display the resultant force in a ChartFX 2D – Window. And how can I visualise the force as a moving vector?
Till now my only approach is to put a vector in the forces point of attach, but it doesn’t move.
The same problem appears if I want to visualise the force in a joint. The vector is in the centre of rotation of the joint, but there is no changing of magnitude or direction for the vector.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you very much.
Best regards, S.

Hi Student

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The problem can be solved by creating a new variable which add the three forces together, then you can see this varable inthe chart.

Something like

AnyVar Totalforce= Musclename1.Ft+Musclename2.Ft+Musclename3.Ft;

should do the trick.

The AnyDrawVector object can be used for the visualizations if you type a force expression for the “Vec” item it will display the actual force.

Please the attached model for an example of this.

Best regards