Muscle recruitment solver

what can I do to solve the following problem:

Muscle recruitment solver : solver aborted after maximum number of iterations


I tried very hard, with changes in markers wish could influce the movement but it did not work. I’m simulation very low squats.

I’m working with version 5.3

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jo,

The first think you need to do is to identify the muscle causing the problems. Have you figured out which one it is? If not, you can e.g. look at the model view and search for muscles that look as they are looking strange like wrapping the wrong way around a wrapping surface or something similar.

If you have identified the muscle, you can try to fix the problem, e.g. by changing the number of wrapping points for that muscle, adding new wrapping points of surfaces to make sure the muscle stays where it is assumed to be.

I know this is a rather general debugging description, but maybe you can provide more detailed information when you get closer to the core of the problem and need more help.

Best regards,