Obtaining Reaction Forces on Thoracic Spine Vertebra



A customer is asking how to extract reaction forces on thoracic spine vertebra, specifically T7-T8 and T9-T10. I know we can place frames within a rigid body and can extract forces. Can we use similar logic to extract such reaction forces from thoracic spine vertebral joints?

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Hi Can,

There are a few solutions:

  1. Use AnyForceMomentMeasure2 object to compute an equivalent load in the estimated location of T7T8 joint. I expect it to be roughly corresponding to the joint load.
  2. Interpolate between T12L1 / C7T1 joint loads - the lower the joint the more mass it has to carry.
  3. Wait until we release the thoracic spine model, which is coming in some foreseeable future.

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