on joint geometry surface

I want to replace the ball-and-socket hip joint model in AnyBody with irregular shaped model (such as a deformed one), could you tell me whether it is possible?
If it is possible to do that, should I realize it by changing the information in .stl file?



Hi Junyan,
there are different options. First you could built your own custom joint by using a combination of AnyKinRotational and AnyKinLinear measures and drive it with more complex motions (e.g. rotation coupled with translations).
Secondly in V5.0 we have introduced a first go on modeling contact in the AMS. Please have a look at the example SpineFixationWithForceDependentKinematics in the Repository. In the main file you can find an include file named “Facetjointslumbar.any”. In this file contact is defined for the facet joints. Basically contact can be defined between simple analytical surfaces (e.g. spheres) and point clouds (which have to be specified).
Best regards,