Optimize marker place using C3d data

I created a new marker set in GaitFullBody model

A new marker and C3d data is not matched,

so I want to know a marker place’s correct place

I know that optimizing marker place is performed

ParameterIdentification sequence, but I can’t modify

this sequence to optimize my model.

In GaitFullBody model, A part of ParameterIdentification is below codes.

AnyOptKinStudy ParameterIdentification =     {
  AnyFolder &StudyRef = .KinematicStudyForParameterIdentification;
  Analysis =   {
    AnyOperation &ref = .StudyRef.Kinematics;

But, I can’t find cost function or detailed settings.

How can I set the ParameterIdentification sequence?


The objective function of the AnyOptKinStudy is by default the kinematic error of the soft drivers (so usually marker drivers). So there is no need to specify it in the script.

You can modify other parameters of the optimization in the ModelSetup file. There you can add or remove markers, modify their location on the body, choose which one are optimized and in which direction, and apply coefficient to them, etc…

Best regards, Sylvain.