OutDim Error

AnyKinEq ThoraxThighRhythm = {
AnyKinMeasureLinComb ThoraxThighRhythmComb = {
AnyKinMeasureOrg Org = {
AnySphericalJoint &rhip1 = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.Leg.Jnt.Hip;
AnySphericalJoint &lhip2 = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Left.Leg.Jnt.Hip;
AnyKinRotational PelvisThorax = {
AnyRefFrame &Thorax = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.SegmentsThorax.ThoraxSeg;
AnyRefFrame &Pelvis = Main.HumanModel.BodyModel.Trunk.SegmentsLumbar.PelvisSeg;
Type = RotAxesAngles;
MeasureOrganizer = {2, 5, 6};
Coef = {{0.5, 0.5, 3.0}};
Const = {0};

I have a model in v5.3,but when it run in v6.0, this program will error and show
WARNING(SYS6) : C:/U…s/a…n/D…s/h…l/M…l/JointsAndDrivers.any(238) : ThoraxThighRhythmComb.OutDim : Changed usage : initialization of OutDim was previously (v.5.x) not needed in all cases, but its value is now required.
Currently, it has an implicit value of ‘1’ if not set, but it is strongly recommended to specify it anyway. Obligatory initialization requirement will come in future versions.

How can I modify it?


It seems that you are using AnyBody 6.x version with older version of AMMR.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to put this one line in the AnyKinMeasureLinComb mesaure:

OutDim = 1;

I think this may help you.

Best regards,