Over Contrained system

Hi,I’m Mo. I am a MSC student at the University of Hull, and am looking at the biomechanics of the sheep leg.I have been looking at the AUUCow model in the respository and had a quick question about the inverse dynamics. Went I run the inverse dynamics there is a error message, which says that the muscles are unloded due to an over constrained system. How can I alter the model so that the muscles become loaded.ThanksMo

Hi Mo,

The AAUCow model is actually a bit special. As it is not part of the human repository it hasn’t been updated since long.
In this model the muscles are not loaded because there is a serie of reaction forces carring each dof. You can find those reaction forces in the Joints.any file.

So you will have to outcoment those reaction forces in order to load the muscles. However as the model has not been updated it might have difficulties to run in the latest versions of AnyBody.
It should gives you anyway a good idea of how to build your own sheep leg model.

Best regards, Sylvain.