pain simulation


I want to simulate pain in muscles. my purpose is escape of test on patients.
i can achieve to it in AnyBody? how? please help me.

and can i simulate fatigue in AnyBody?

Best Regards

Hi Mehrdad,

There has been a research line in the literature on how to model pain and fatigue. As far as it is understood, when muscle groups are under pain or fatigued, there are changes in frequency and amplitude of muscle force production capacity, which will lead to a different muscle recruitment by our central nervous system.

Currently, AnyBody does not have a pain or a fatigue model.
However, you should be able to change muscle F0 parameter to model the amplitude changes in the muscle. For example, if you reduce F0 of a muscle group, you are reducing the force production capacity (if you have the upper bounds on the muscle activities), which can imply pain or fatigue.

Hope this helps.

Mohammad Sharif Shourijeh,
AnyBody Team