Parameter Optimization of ballet dancer

I am running a ballet Dance movement in Mocap examples using my own c3d file. I have made a new markers protocol and fixed the kinematics, the marker tracking seems to run fine, but when running the parameter optimization the analysis crashes after a long waiting period.
I have few questions in mind,

  1. the analysis time frame is fixed to the point where the dancer steps on the force plate, do i have to extend it to the complete time of the c3d file to get a result.
  2. I have the same parameters being optimized as that of the example also the direction of optimization at markers is the same. how do i know if the markers protocol i have made with the new markers are placed in the correct places, for example in the Thigh region i have 4 markers placed, whereas the mocap model only had one marker placed similarly with shank region and ankle region.could this be the cause why the parameter optimization is not completing ?.

I am attaching my model file in this topic all suggestions are welcome.FullBody.main.any (451 Bytes)

Hi Bharathhs,

I am sorry but i just see a main file and a C3D file.
The marker optimization will work with pretty rough guess on the marker positions, so usually if you have a cluster of four markers on the thigh you can provide all with the same position as the starting guess.

In general the parameter optimization may fail if your problem is unbounded... this could happen if you have too may free parameters, like e.g. all markers positions on the foot. see

Best regards

thank you for your reply. I had this in mind about reading the saved output values after parameter optimization, Do we need to include any line to use these values as input in the further analysis ? or the mocap example is already programmed to do it.
I do know that when i run analysis, it does marker protocol and inverse dynamics but does it also take the saved output values in the parameter optimization.

Hi Bharathhs,

Yes the mocap model will do all that, if you choose the parameter optimization it will save the values automatically and if you run RunAnalysis it will start loading these parameters.

Please see this page for more details on the Mocap model.

Best regards

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