Problem Parameters of Muscle

> Hi All
> I have a problem about anybody in the parameters of muscle and tendon.
> This link is attached to a common parameter of muscle.
> But I do not know the parameters in muscle Anybody in general is the belief in
the existence?
> If I want to change the parameters of the muscles of the National believes
Asia Possible?
> How can I know the value of those parameters? Determine how they are?
> I hope you will recommend.
> Thank You
> BestRegards
> Wongsakorn
> Cmerc Lab Thammasat University

Hi Wongsakorn

Just saw that this post seems to have no answer yet…

I was unable to see the file in the link (expired), please attach the file directly to the posting, this is possible.

More details on the muscle model parameters can be found at the muscle model tutorial maybee this helps answer your question.

In each of the body parts of the model there is a …root.any file, this file contains a list of references to articles, some of these articles contains muscle modeling paramters.

Best regards