Problem when adding lastFrame number


I'm using a modified version of the AMMR fullbody template. I'm trying to model a movement and when I have firstFrame and lastFrame at default ParameterIdentification works and "RunAnalysis" stops due to kinematic constrains at time step 334.
So I thought that I could change lastFrame to 330 to be able to model the movement at least until the kinematic constrains is happening. But when I change lastFrame the parameterIdentification doesn't work at all anymore.
Does anyone know why this happens?

Best regards,
Amanda Martinsson

Hi @amama991

Could you paste ind the error message you are recieving?
It sounds like you are using one of the MotionCapture model templates?
Here the lastFrame and firstFrame are related to the frame numbers in the bvh/c3d file.
so if frame 330 does not exist in the data file it will throw an error.

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AnyBody Technology