Problem with detailled hand in BodyPartSetup.any

Hi there,
I have a problem with the detailled hand in BodyPartSetup.any .
If I switch the detailled hand on, there are always unresolved jnt.pos .
I can`t figure out which joint positions are wrong.
I am usind repository 1.2 and the standing model.

Thanks for your help


Hi Julian,
I am not sure about version 1.2, but even in version 1.3 there is a bug in the standard drivers in relation to the hand. The standard drivers that come with the standing model and the free posture model are not sufficient to drive the hand. The problem has been reported and will be fixed in a future release.

For now, at least in version 1.3, you can copy the drivers from the application FreePostureHandSR. That one should work.

Best regards,

Hi Julian,

I just want to add that you should also copy Mannequin.any file from the application FreePostureHandSR.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Thanks for the help, but there are still questions left:

-which drivers do i have to copy into the standing model folder?

I have tried several comniations, but none seem to work

-copying the mannequin.any file seems to destroy nearly everything …

-the System says the JNTpos is wrong in:


so why does this has anything to do with the drivers?

Best wishes

Hi Julian,

Actually it is probably easier if you don’t copy the driver. Try the following:

Go back to the original and unmodified StandingModel. Then open the Mannequin file from the FreePostureHandSR and just copy the part corresponding to the hand for the right and left folders. Paste that in the Mannequin file of the Standing model (at the same location in the right and left folder).

Now try to load it, you will get one more error about the PalmJoint being unresolved. That is because this node was not defined in the detailled hánd (it will be fixed in the next version). Just follow the link and remove the AnyForce3D object it leads to.

With this it should work.

Best regards, Sylvain.