Read a c3d file correctly

Good afternoon,

I’m now trying to load a c3d file of a gait analysis in a new model.
I can’t understand why the markers appear compressed in an area of ​​the model view window unlikely a human model (see the snapshot).
When I open the same file with Nexus everything seems to be fine.
How can I solve this problem?

Thanks for help,

PS: I’ve also attached the *.any and the c3d


Could you be viewing the marker from a birds-eye view (top-down). Try rotating the view. See the picture below.


Hi Morten,

thanks for your help. Perhaps it’s the time to rest for me.
I’ve now another problem:
When I run the kinematics analysis, the markers float around the space not respecting what I see in Nexus.


Hi Roberto,

If you still have the problem with the markers floating around, then please describe this is more detail, i am not sure i fully understand the problem.

Best regards

Hi Robert

Just running a kinematic analysis doesn’t do much, if you have not created a model. AnyBody is not a ‘Kitchen sink included’ program.

A good place to start is the tutorials. When you get to the “Making things move” tutorial, you will be shown how to setup a model driven by motion capture data.