Reading the optimized parameters file

Hi AnyBody Tech.

I am using AnyBody 5.0.0, AMMR v1.3, GaitLowerExtremity model.

My project is building a side-hop model with and without taping on knee.

Under the no taping condition, 21 reflective markers were placed on the body segments. But, four markers on the lateral and medial femoral epicondyles, head of fibula, and tibial tuberosity were removed under taping condition. (see the attachment)

First, I built the no taping model and run “MotionAnParameterOptimizationSequence”, then, I got the “OptimizedParameters.txt” file.

In order to use the same “OptimizedParameters.txt” file to run “MotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence”, and to produce the “output-euler-rightlegtd.txt” file under taping condition. I tried to use the not taping trial as a calibration trial and modify the “Sequencce1.anymcr” file and the AnyScript in the “ModelSetup.any” to read the “OptimizedParameters.txt” file.

However, there are something wrong to read the file. Can anyone tell me how to do that?




Could you please upload your models in the debug section?

Then we will be able to look it in detail.

Best regards,


I have uploaded the files…

Thank you!!!