redline on Forceplate

Dear all,

I have a question here, regarding the force plate. I use force plate type 2 for my modeling, and when I run inverse dynamic analysis, I got the redline’s position on the platform was a little higher than the box it self, so I am not sure with the result due to this condition.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? and how can I fix that?
Can I just change some values in forceplatetype2autodetaction.any file to fix that?

I use AMMRV.1.3.1 ,and AMS version 5.0 (I attached my model)
Thanks for sharing

Adhi D Wibawa
Groningen University, Netherlands

Hi Adhi,

Thank you very much for providing us a good example to be examined.

Let me explain this situation.

When you see your model properties in the model tree, you can find this value.


And the value is as follows:

Data = {{0.6096, -1.4224, 41.0464}, {0.7874, -0.4826, 37.1348}}

We could find some information about the force plate type2 in

It seems that your force plate system follows the old type.
You can see it by checking whether the z value of origin is positive or negative.

In our model repository, we’ve made an assumption that the data from the force plate system will follow the recent format.

So your model could be an good example for us.

I attached the modified two files about the force plate type2 system.

Please download these two files and replace the old files with these new files.

The location of these two files will be:

Then you can see that the transducer location will be corrected.

Of course this modification will be applied to our new release version of AMMR.

And I’d recommend you to use the latest version of AMMR if it is possible to you.

I hope this may help you.

Best regards,

Dear Moonki,

Thanks in advance for your help, it seems now my forceplate gets back to normal again.