Ref Node

assalamualaikum and very good day

how to determine the ref node on the body segment.

for example hand.



What do you mean by determine?

You can visualize a refnode by
[li]selecting it in the modeltree
[/li][li]right click
[/li][li] select modelview
[/li][li] Select this object+ all levels
[/li][li] select autogenerated view

In a similar way you can visualize the hand segment by selecting it and do the same sequence
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We’ve seen your direct question on our email.

'I want to know how to move the arm linearly. So that i need to know what should be put at the driver and joint. ’

In the ‘Mannequin.any’ file in the ‘StandingModel’, you need to define joint angle position values and joint angle velocity values.

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