reverse motion in 45 degree plane

If I want to model a hand reverse motion moving a pole in space in X direction, i will use :

AnyKinEqFourierDriver gripPosDriverX =
MeasureOrganizer = {0};
Type = Cos;
Freq = Main.Freq1;
A = { {Main.Xdis,0.02} };
B = { {0,0} };
AnyKinMeasure &grip = .gripPos;
Reaction.Type = {Off};
// Reaction.Type = {On};

If I want make this motion in 45 degree plane or 60 degree (relative to sagittal plane), I don’t know how model that!!
please help me for driver code.


Hi Mehrdad,

Without being able to see the other drivers/measures in the model i can not see what goes wrong.

Here are some general rules to use:

[li] Please make sure you are driving the correct dof i assume you the measure is a rotational measure? If so make sure you are using correct number in the sequence.
[/li][li] Is there a particular reason for using the fourier driver? it would be simpler to use the AnyKinEqSimpleDriver
[/li][li] From looking at your code i think the expression you have is this one: Pos = Main.PosX+0.02cos(2piMain.Freq1t)
[/li][li] please see the reference manual for more details it displays these equations.
[/li][li] Please also consider to make a small example with one segment and a joint to play around with the meaning of these settings.

Hope it helps

Best regards