RGO Gait Simulation

This model performs RGO Gait. The motion data was captured using a MOCAP system.

You can see the video of this motion here:

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Cool, Majed. Thank you very much for posting this.

Hi Majed,

Your video looks very impressive and interesting.
Thanks for showing us a good example.

From my academic curiosity, may I ask of you several questions about your work?

Q1) It seems that a pair of RGO braces might be modeled using AnySeg objects.
Then, did you drive the RGO braces by some markers which are attached on those braces?

Q2) Did you define the reactions between the human hand and the RGO brace by using AnyReacForce objects?

Q3) In your video, it seems that you put all ground reactions that are acting on both the human feet and the RGO braces.
I’d like to ask of you whether you used four different force plates to capture all individual ground reactions.
If not, then did you try to predict the ground reactions by using the conditional contact elements?

I’m sorry in advance if I’ve asked of you too many questions.
But I would very appreciate if I can get your advice.

Best regards,