Run the egress model with C3D file


I would like to run the egress model, available in the model repository, with a c3d file. In fact, it is not only for egress but also for sitting in a car, taking the streering wheel or the gear shift, moving the seat ect…
Is it possible to do that?

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Hi Claude,

The main issue may be how to consider the interaction forces(moments) between human and environment.

1) Case1: when you have some measured interaction forces(moments)
If you can get some measured interaction forces(moments) between human and environment in addition to foot reactions,
then you can put those values into your model.
If those values are included in the C3D file then it would be easier.

Here I would introduce an example on the forum that I helped before:

This is a sit-to-stand model.
In the C3D file of this model, you can see that there is another force plate between human pelvis and seat.
So in this case, it may be easy for users to put this kind of interaction forces(moments).

2) Case2: when you don’t have any measured interaction forces(moments)
Even in this condition, you can try to predict those kinds of interactions.

In the repository you can see ‘PedalDemoConditional’ and ‘SeatedHuman’ examples.
By using conditional contact elements(’\AMMRV1.4\Body\AAUHuman\ToolBox\FrictionContactMuscles’),
you can try to predict interaction forces by muscle optimization method.

I hope this may help you.

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