Segments disable kinematic analysis in StandingLift model

I am working on a model based on the StandingLift example. I have added some new segments which should illustrate that a box is lifted from a table - see picture.

A problem arise when I try to execute the analysis after adding the segments. The error message in the output window is shown in the picture above.
I assume it will be possible to execute the analysis even though new segments are added, but I need help on how to do so.
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Hi @Emily nice to see you here on the forum!

The problem you are facing is that your model is kinematically indeterminate after you have inserted your new segments. You have to many degrees of freedom compared to your constraints.
I will suggest you to read our tutorial that explains the problem.
It essentially means that you must specify some constraints for the new added segments.
It can be joints or reactionforces to balance the degrees of freedom.

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