set anybodycon.exe path

Hello everybody
I just started to work myself through the tutorial of AnyPyTools using ananconda and encountered a rather primitive problem.
So far I could not execute any macro of the Getting_started chapter without an error message, which reads:
[{‘ERROR’: ["<type ‘exceptions.IOError’>Can not find anybodycon.exe: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Application Virtualization Client\AnyBodyCon.exe"]}]

Apparently the path of anybodycon is set to the wrong location, which should be
“C:/Program Files/AnyBody Technology/AnyBody.6.0/anybodycon.exe”

Can somebody tell me, what is the command to show the current path and set it to the desired location?

Thanks a lot!
Cheers Tobi

Hi Tobias,

You can set it up in the line where the processing app is defined, like this:

app = AnyPyProcess(
    anybodycon_path='C:\Program Files\AnyBody Technology\AnyBody.6.1\AnyBodyCon.exe',
    num_processes = 6, return_task_info = True)  


Hello Pavel

Thanks a lot! Code is running without errors!