Simulation without c3d files

I want to drive a simulation without c3d files but with my specific segment lengths and joint angle trajectories.

Below is my plan.
[1] Collect segment lengths and MoCap data about a motion of 5 subjects -> DONE
(the motion includes the upper-body motion only, so GRF data was not collected)
[2] Drive kinematic simulations with the 5 c3d files using AMS -> DONE
(of course, the model included the upper body only)
[3] Average joint angle trajectories from the simulations -> DONE
[4] Average segment lengths of subjects -> DONE
[5] Drive a dynamic simulation with the averaged model and the averaged joint angle trajectories -> TO DO

In [5], I have no c3d file but I think I have all necessary information to drive a dynamic simulation.

In this case, how should I modify the code used in [2]?


It seems that now you don’t need to use GaitFullBody model which is based on C3D files.

I would recommend you to use ‘FreePostureMove’ model in the repository.

But there are something for you to modify.

  1. If you have the averaged human segment lengths, then I would recommend you to use ‘ScalingLengthMassFat’ method for scaling.

  2. If you have the averaged joint angle trajectories, then you can write them into some text files.
    If you see the ‘JointsAndDrivers.any’ file then there are some AnyKinEqInterPolDriver objects. AnyKinEqInterPolDriver can use some text files as input.
    So you can also use this AnyKinEqInterPolDriver object to input your averaged joint angle values.

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