Spine Model in AMMR1.3.1

Hi everybody

Recently I found a new a article (An enhanced and validated generic thoraco-lumbar spine model for prediction of muscle forces, Han, In Press) that has revised AnyBody model by adding some muscles and ligaments. Is this the same as AMMR v1.3?

I simulated spine validation (WILKE) using AMMR1.3 in flexed posture, but it calculated negetive forces for ligaments (some of them were zero). Is it reasonable?!!


Hi Majid,

  1. No, not the same, however, it uses some common literature.
  2. Have you run the calibration? If yes, could you please help identifying where the negatives values occur - SpinePressureStandingFlexed? I will take a look.

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Hi again,

actually this is all ok. Negative means pulling. Please take a look at the tutorial on ligaments.

Negative values always provoke a double-check :slight_smile:

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