STL - Torax and Humerus problem.


I have a problem with your stl files. when i export the thorax and the humerus files and then i import them to a finite element program, there are superficial elements that are intercepted with other elements, and so I have to fix this problem by manualy correct those elementes, and in the torax there are many elementes with this problem. Since i want to export many “frames” i would have to fix this elements in all of those frames… since the position is different, and so the file i export is different. I think you should fix this problem ASAP.

Dear Marco,

  1. I don’t understand why you need to export many frames. You can export FE loads and also the STLs in either global or any local ref frame. So, if you smoothened the STL once, you should be able to use it for all frames.

  2. If you have a good STL geometry of thorax and humerus, you can easily implement that into the model. There are tutorials and other posts here in the forum (and WIKI) describing that work.

Hi Amir,

I need that many frames because since i got information of a fall movement, forward, background and lateral. And for each of this i have different movements, and i need to evaluate different locations for the body at different times. That is why i need so many frames. I just cant create the mesh with those two stl i talked about, that i exported from anybody.

Best Regards,
Marco Marques