Structured model repository

A warm welcome to the AnyScript group! My name is John Rasmussen,
and I am currently handling the correspondence from AnyBody Support.
Let me just briefly outline one of the current activities that you
might be interested in, namely the model repository.

We are working on a publicly accessible repository for AnyScript
models. The idea is to set the models we have up in a standardized
form so that models of different body parts can be connected to each
other and to various environments you might want to insert the
models into, for instance chairs, bicycles or exercise machines.

The home of the repository is the AnyBody Research Project’s home
page, In a longer perspective, we would like
the repository to be maintained by some independent organization,
for instance the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB).

There will soon be a tutorial available in the documentation for
AnyBody ( on how to construct models for the
repository. Here are the main points:

The models in the repository all refer to the ISB body coordinate
system. Many users do not find this choice of coordinate axes to be
the most logical, but we acknowledge the benefit of having a common
standard, and we try to honor it.

The models are structures into two basic libraries: BRep and ARep.
The `B’ in BRep stands for “Body”, so this directory
contains all
the body parts. But it does not contain such things as:

  • drivers that determine the movement
  • external loads
  • environmental model parts such as bicycles

All these things are `A’pplication specific, and hence placed
in the
ARep directory.

We’ll keep you informed about the tutorial on structured model

Best regards,
AnyBody Support