Take the calculating information

How can I take out the calculation that AnyBody do? For example in AnyKinMeasureOrg (i want to know the angle)

AnyKinMeasureOrg Flexion = {
AnyKinRotational HipMeasure ={
AnyRefFrame &PelvisRef = Main.MyArmModel.Segs.Mano.M10;
AnyRefFrame &ThighRef = Main.MyArmModel.Segs.Brazo;
Axis1 = z; Axis2 = x; Axis3 = y;



If you can put any kind of kinematic measures such as AnyKinMeasureOrg and AnyKinRotational, then you can read out those values during the kinematic or inverse dynamics analysis using ChartFX or AnyChart user interface.

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