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I was perming the lesson 5 of the tutorial on force dependent kinematics (FDK). And there is some notions or concepts that I did’nt understand. Can you please help me by telling me

[li]the meaning of the “keywords” UNHALLOWED_COMBINATION,[/li][li]the difference between LEFT_LEG_TD and LEFT_LEG for example,[/li][/ul]
in the folder “BodyPartSetup.any”.

And also what is the role of the variables (AnyVar) SternoClavicularProtraction,SternoClavicularElevation and SternoClavicularAxialRotation, if their values are not used for initial position (see the piece of code below, from “Mannequin.any”) ?

AnyFolder Right = {
AnyVar SternoClavicularProtraction=-23; //This value is not used for initial position
AnyVar SternoClavicularElevation=11.5; //This value is not used for initial position
AnyVar SternoClavicularAxialRotation=-20; //This value is not used for initial position

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Dear Arnaud,

  1. If you modify your ‘BodyPartSetup.any’ file in a wrong way, then you can see the error message of UNHALLOWED_COMBINATION. It means that your setting of BodyPartSetup.any file can not be allowed in the AMMR.

  2. We have two lower extremity model, ‘Leg’ and ‘LegTD’.
    ‘Leg’ model came from some old data:
    And you can see the information of ‘LegTD’ model here:

  3. SternoClavicularProtraction, SternoClavicularElevat ion and SternoClavicularAxialRotation values are related to SternoClavicular joint(3 rotations). And this values are not related to the macroscopic change of human posture. So if you are not particularly interested in the movement of SternoClavicular joint, then you can just use the default values.

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Dear Moonki,

thank You for the answer!

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