THR Knee Bend Demo

Some questions

  1. Is it possible for me to increase the length of the femoral neck? If so how would I do this?
  2. Can I input a quantitative value for the femoral offset (perpendicular distance from hip centre to femur long axis)
  3. Is is possible for me to incline the acetabular cup to a specified angle relative to the pelvis base (ischial tuberosity)?


First, I will assume that you have already read the scaling chapter of AnyBody Tutorial.

  1. Morphing the bone geometry in AnyBody is supported based on the subject specific scaling method. So the easiest way for you is to prepare a specific bone data to scaling the AnyBody bone.

2&3 Of course you can modify the AMMR and its code as you want.
But there are many variations regarding what researchers would achieve through AnyBody so it will be an area of research which we can provide for all individual users.

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